Say What?

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Here are a few funnies that have spilled forth from Paul and Thomas recently.


Paul: “I want to go home”

Me: “as soon as we are done shopping”

Paul: “that’s not acceptable”


Me: “Thomas, don’t stand on your brother.”

Paul: “It’s alright if he stands on me.”
Paul after moving to another couch, “Antonio was cramping my style.”


Thomas (wearing a spiderman mask) as we walk into Krispy Kreme:  “Spiderman has arrived for doughnuts!”


Thomas had to have some more blood work done and here is the conversation he had with the lab tech.
Thomas to lap tech, “I am Spiderman”

Lap tech: “Cool”

Taking in the lap tech’s white lap coat, “You the lizard?”

Lap tech not missing a beat, “Sometimes I am.”

After the lap tech is finished and we are getting ready to leave Thomas looks at him and says, “Next time I am going to have to fight you. Okay?”

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