7 Quick Takes (Vol 1)

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Mother’s day is coming up this weekend. My boys are to young to plan a mother’s day on  their own. So, Mark made sure to get online and send my favorite flowers to me. They arrived yesterday.  Mark’s work also sent over a mother’s day gift basket full of goodies. The boys helped me quickly polish off the lindor truffles.

Last week I bought myself new sneakers because my previous pair literally fall apart. I have always been the person who goes into a store and purchases the cheapest pair that I can find . However, this time since I have been working out more often I decided to splurge on a pair. They are amazing….I can’t believe I’ve spent so many years wearing crappy sneakers.
We’ve had lots of packages from Amazon arrive this week and the boys have been having a blast with them. Nothing like a box to encourage creative play.

The beginning of the week was very rainy. However, the last few days have been perfect weather for outings to the park and beach.

This is the boys’ haul from the beach. Paul was very intrigued about the crab shell; especially since last time we were there he saw a sand crab. When we arrived home we spent some time on the computer looking up more information on the crab.  400705_10151598795469936_1287782111_n
I’ve been spending the evenings working on a new drawing. I don’t draw or paint nearly as often as I would like due to lack of space. I am working on not letting that prevent me from working on art.
Mark bought both Paul and Thomas a legos star wars kit. In the first 24 hours I rebuilt both ships half a dozen times each. I was ready to super glue them together; so I didn’t have to keep putting them together. However, Mark didn’t want me to do that. Now, several days later I am glad I didn’t. The boys have been using the pieces to build all sorts of cool creations of their own.