Bargain Books for Christmas!

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I like books…always have. I moved more boxes of books when Mark and I married then I did clothes.  I especially adore children’s picture books.  However, I have a hard time dropping a lot of money down on them. However, I love a good bargain for a new book.  (Though I am a huge fan of used books too and miss having a half-price books around.)

Lately, I’ve came across some really great bargain books for Christmas. Mostly, thanks to Shower of Roses. (Her site is fantastic and I highly recommend checking it out.) However, I’ve came a across a few gems on my own.

The other day at the dollar store I came across this gem St. Francis and the Nativity. I thought it was especially great in light of our new Pope. The colors of the pictures are extremely rich and beautifully done.


I took advantage of the fantastic price of this picture book The Twelve Days of Christmas.


I originally bought a copy for my boys when Jessica posted about it being on sale for $5. A few days later after mine had arrived and I was able to see just how beautiful the illustrations were I saw on Amazon that the price had dropped to $1.91 (which is what it currently still is!). I snagged 4 more copies to give as gifts to Godchildren and nieces/nephews come Christmas time. After, seeing how wonderfully it is illustrated I am going to have to keep an eye out for Gennady Spirin’s book We Three Kings.

I pre-ordered a copy of Bambinelli Sunday: A Christmas Blessing. The story sounds really sweet and I am excited to share it with the boys. I was thinking I could even see if our priest would be willing to bless our Baby Jesus figure. I think the boys find that just awesome.

Lastly, back in April Jessica, over at Shower of Roses posted a bunch of bargain books from an author named Demi for $5 a piece. At that time I ordered 3 of her books- Alexander the Great, Tutankhamun and St. Joan of Arc. I really wanted to add her Legend of St. Nicholas title to our library since we always celebrate his feast day in December. However, I wasn’t willing to spend $20 on it. I had a $5 dollar coupon off at a local bookstore and thought I might be able to pick it up there. However, they wanted $30 for it!
But, this evening while browsing Amazon I lucked out and came across it on sale for $7.98! It should arrive next week! I am very excited to add it to our Christmas book collection. Demi’s books at just simply exquisite.